Friday, November 11, 2016

Who Cares?

The number of people voting for either candidate was approximately equal. A better option than dismissing the Electoral College and electing the winner of that popular vote would be to ask Electors to decide a consensus candidate. Not all, and not even a majority, would need to change their vote. If they can put a third name and if it is someone many people would prefer (an actual improvement, let's say, over the two who have such high negative ratings), then Congress would decide in January, from the top three. Will Republican Electors put national interest ahead of Party 'loyalty'? Will three dozen of them do so?

A College is made up of colleagues. They are supposed to talk about their decision when they gather. If they decide to function in a confirmatory role, they will say, "The election past produced a clear mandate and the result should be taken as an expression of the sentiments of the people". If Electors decide to vote in a way not anticipated by their Party nomination process, they may explain, "The election produced no mandate due to the nearly equal split in the popular vote AND the voters reported higher-than-usual levels of dissatisfaction with the candidates offered".

If the meeting of Electors at the State Capitols on December 19th is understood as a meeting of citizens who have the best interests of the nation at heart... if the Electors approach it with that spirit and frame of mind, we may be pleasantly surprised at the result.

I heard someone say once, "There is no loyalty without loyalty to truth". The truth is, we would be better off, the world would be better off, if Republican and Democrat Electors talk among themselves and find someone who most of them could agree on AND who most citizens agree is a good choice.

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